December 25, 2018

Not doing great.  Haven't really left the house beside one doctor's appointment yesterday Walked to a store nearby and couldn't deal with the noise - it was too much stimulation so walked to Starbucks to eat but had so much anxiety, I couldn't finish the wrap.  Called Uber and came home where I have been … Continue reading December 25, 2018


December 22, 2018

Today started out rough, got s little better because I am helping a friend with a project and so I forced myself out of the house.  Didn’t do anything on my list except take my meds.  I’m kinda getting sick of myself writing how I haven’t done anything on my list.

Day 2

I want to start by saying “I suck” but am trying to be kind to myself.  I did nothing today but leave the house because I had to for an appointment with my lawyer.  I had plans to hang out in Fairfax, have dinner and come home but then decided to call Uber as soon … Continue reading Day 2

Day 1

December 18, 2018 I did nothing I was suppose to except take my medication.  I stayed in bed all day.  I cried.  I ate, and I didn't sleep until 6 a.m.  I left the house because my daughter guilted me so I went with her and my ex husband to my son's school for a … Continue reading Day 1