This is nowhere near finished.

The to do list.  I have the list in my head but my head isn’t doing so well anymore so I need to write it all down to see if that helps.  Baby steps…I Everything is listed because I’m in bad shape…just FYI


Daily To Do’s:

  1. Get little man ready for school
  2. Get ready for Doc appointments
  3. Take Fish Oil
  4. Take Medications
  5. Take Vitamin B
  6. Take Hair Vitamin
  7. Make a Shake

Upon return from Doc appointment: 11-3

  1. Meditate
  2. Listen to Heather’s Tape (20 Minutes)
  3. Put on glasses by Dr. J (20 Minutes)
  4. Walk out of the house Start with 10 minutes
  5. Get on the Rowing machine for 20 minutes
  6. Do core exercises
  7. Read for 5 min start
  8. Clean up for 30 min

After Kids come home 3-9

  1. Meditate 20 min
  2. Play with little man
  3. make dinner –
  4. clean up dinner
  5. Take magnesium
  6. get to bed before 10

Long Term Goals

  1. Start Meet UP
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sat/Sun
Dr. F Dr. F PT Dr. F Horse
Physical Therapy 1 Joanna
listen to holly’s tape K Therapy
Row 20 min

Leave the house for 10 minutes to walk.
Fish Oil
Vit B
Eat Breakfast
Vision Therapy
Physical Therapy 2
Drops 3 times a day
Dr. J eye homework